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Use Fitness and Exercise as a Positive Outlet

We all know the importance of having positive outlets. You may enjoy the arts, watching or participating, maybe you enjoy reading or writing - or maybe you prefer to play board or video games.

But what about a beneficial outlet? Sure, the above mentioned are all wonderful, however, there is a true magic to using fitness as an outlet.  The benefits of exercise have time and again been proven with scientific studies. So, how is one to use exercise as an outlet?


The Rules

I tend to tell clients, colleagues, and anyone else I cross paths with that there are no set rules when it comes to getting and staying in shape; there are only guidelines. However, there are some rules that work for everyone, no matter what.


Exercise: More Effective for Depression Than Drugs

Exercise has well-known anti-depressive effects... but is it enough?


Video - Tutorial: SummerABS The Waist Maker

This exercise is part of my core)(set program, and flattens while it works on a smaller waist at the same time. It's a wonderful little friend to have tag along in your workout. 

Video - Tutorial: SummerABS Accordions

This exercise will really challenge your abdominal strength and core integrity!  Follow the instructions for the modifications you can go to the SummerABS videos, starting with
SummerABS Stretch Back

Blog - Proper Gym Etiquette

Everyone knows the basics of gym Etiquette...don’t they?

As a health club guest, sometimes following proper gym etiquette seems like common sense, while other times it may seem like there is absolutely no point to it what so ever.  On the other side of the fence, as a gym rat or a health club professional, it may be quite annoying and sometimes even dangerous when some Schmoe has carelessly left weights out in the middle of the floor or left plates on a bar unsecurely - or better yet; plates left leaning up against another machine. Rack your weights after use, people!  Proper gym etiquette explained, plain and simple.

Video - Medicine Ball M's

This exercise packs a punch, even if you don’t use any weight!  In addition to the flatter, slimmer waistline SummerABS stands for, it will also focus on your stamina, and build it.  Proper and deep, focused breathing will be very helpful throughout this exercise.  Maintain a keen eye on the abdominal scoop, and we’re in business!  The SummerABS Stretch Back is a great precursor to the Medicine Ball M's.

Video - SummerABS Air planes & Choppers

In these two exercises we will focus on your obliques, and doing so as a continuum from the scoop that you already established from the other SummerAbs videos

Here is a link to all my videos, look for SummerABS

Blog - The Best Home Cardio Machine

 With everything that goes on in your life, it can often be a challenge to get your cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis, let alone have the energy for it.  What if I told you there is something that could build a bridge between your hectic life and the cardio you are constantly postponing?  Read on and find out!

Video - Tutorial: SummerABS Alternating Knee Cap Reach

This is the third exercise in the stretch back series of the SummerABS workout. Much like the first two exercises in this series, this is an advancement of the movements you have already learned.

Blog - First Official Strongman Certification for Trainers

Visionary Hans Pirman and The World's Strongest Man 2001 Svend Karlsen created the first certification for Strongman Training, which was just concluded this weekend in New York City at Global Strongman Gym!

Blog - Slow Metabolism? I Thin(k) Not!

Everyone’s body changes. Your body changes.  My body changes.  The good news is that we can direct many of these changes, and these changes do not have to go in a negative direction.

Blog - Can Fit and Busy Go Hand in Hand?

Can you fit a workout program into a busy and potentially inconsistent schedule? Read on to see some suggestions on how to do just that.