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PetFit is a new exercise program specifically designed with your companion pet in mind and designed by Summer, a celebrity trainer with numerous years of experience creating individualized training exercises for her clients.

As an animal lover, Summer aquired her Chihuahua DaisyGirl, who became a constant companion when visiting her private clients. These clients in turn became enchanted with the little one. Summer noticed the emotional reaction of her clients and started incorporating Daisy in their routine of exercises. Not long after, her clients started doing the exercises with their own pets and that prompted Summer to create an exercise program that not only helps you get physically fit but also helps relieve emotional stress.

Today, Summer's pet family has grown with the additon of Amazing Grace & Angel Song. Both of them (along with DaisyGirl, who is a favorite) take turns to go help people get in shape, and Summer's clients couldn't be happier!

"I applied my years of experience with my love of pets to make something that any pet owner can do, either in their home, one on one with me or in a group setting, to achieve amazing results while getting quality time with their beloved friends! It's a fun way to get in shape and connect with your pet at the same time. -- Summer"

Getting PetFit with Summer is the first of its kind in the world, and you will learn a new way of exercising.

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