When Food is Talking

Fixing the "Don't Waste Food" Syndrome

Do you feel an urge to eat food or else it will “go to waste”?  Do you feel ashamed or guilty when you waste food? From this day on, this mentality no longer applies to you.

The Power of Positive Distractions

“You have to eat me!”

Do you feel like food won’t shut up until you’ve eaten it? All of it? 

Identify Your Triggers: Dealing With Your Past

In my first blog that recognizes the triggers than can cause a person to fall into addictive behavior, we will look into the unresolved issues from one's past, how they affect the present, and the tools to help you move beyond them.

Don't Think of a Pink Elephant

In this first installment of "When Food is Talking to You," we take a look at how focusing on what to do instead of what NOT to do can lead to success and happiness.

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