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Lululemon Wunder Under Reversible Crop

I had an important photo shoot coming up, and I needed an outstanding, incredibly flattering stay-in-place pant that would accentuate my body without drawing attention to the pants themselves. Did these pants fit the bill? Read on and see for yourself.




From the Medium rise that flattens the lower part of your stomach, to the snug but comfortable fit, these calf length reversible pants are very flattering. There is an inner waistband pocket, but due to the form-fitting nature of the pants it would be obvious if you had anything in there... practical over fashionable, but still a thoughtful addition.

The pants I picked up in the store and used in the photo shoot are all black on one side and all navy on the other. Aside from this they also offer a coal/black reversible, and have just added a dark olive/black option, which I will check out very soon. I tend to enjoy using my tops for the accent colors of my outfits, so the subdued tone of these pants are a great fit for me.

What I found remarkable about the pair I got was that they bothered to use the appropriate matching stitching color on both the black and the navy side, and the quality between the two sides is very consistent. Furthermore, Lululemon uses an easy-to-remove tag that once torn out, will leave no evidence on the reversible side. Aside from the Lululemon logo missing from the navy side of the pants, there is no way anyone would guess that these pants were reversible.

If you did not know about the Wunder Unders, you would likely never find them in the store due their basic looking design and the fact that they are surrounded by all the other pant designs Lululemon makes that are brighter and louder; they do not visually jump out at you off the shelves. For me, simple can sometimes be amazing; they do a great job of making you look good and accentuating you in all the right places when you wear them. And that is exactly what I look for in a pant.


These pants kept their shape the whole time I wore them during the shoot, in subsequent video shoots and in workouts thereafter. Even after washing them multiple times on cold delicate cycle with no fabric softener and hung to dry, they still sat just as snug and comfortable as before. After all of that, they still look amazing and I suspect they will stay that way.

Body-Hugging pants like these demand good stitching; without it, they will not last for long. Thankfully, Lululemon realizes this, and the stitching in these pants are of a very high quality and are done in such a fashion as to withstand the abuse they will receive.

I have no doubt that so long as I take good care of these pants, they will be in my wardrobe for years to come.


Without a doubt, these are my very favorite pants when it comes to feeling “pulled in;” absolutely NOTHING jiggles in these pants! In fact, when you first put them on, they may seem a little too close-fitting; don’t worry. You will forget you are wearing them soon enough.

The capri-cut and the gusset-style design allows for maximum range of motion when working out.  As mentioned before these pants are extremely flattering, and due to their great design I didn’t need to constantly fidget and adjust them; a huge plus. The leg of the pant stays in place and does not roll up the calf.  The waist stays in place as well. No wedgies, baby!

Lululemon's custom Luon® fabric wicks very well; you would have to work up quite a sweat to even notice any dampness in these pants.

The pants seem to run a teeny bit small; if you live near a Lululemon store, it is worth going in and working with a sales associate there. They are very good about finding the size that looks great on you, and will be very accommodating. If you do not, be sure to follow the sizing chart on their website.


From weightlifting to cardio to classes, you can use this pant for just about anything; it is incredibly versatile. The reversible is twice as thick as a standard Lululemon pant, so you may find them to be a bit warm in the summertime. Thankfully, Lululemon has the same cut and style in a non reversible, the Wunder Under Crop, so if you live somewhere very warm or are buying a par right before summer, it might be worth taking a look at those. I personally like having one of each handy so that I am prepared no matter what the temperature is. This is honestly the only reason I cannot give these pants a perfect score in this category.

While I have yet to do a crazy-long run in these pants, the cardio and other workouts I have done leave little doubt in my mind that these pants will not chafe when you decide to go the extra mile.


At 78 bucks a pop they may seem pricey, but they will do right by you if you wash them correctly and take good care of them. The comfort they provide, the flattering design, and the durable stitching definitely helps to justify the cost. The fact that you will not be able to wear these pants year round unless you live somewhere cool does count a bit against them; to wear these pants year round for most of us, you would also have to buy a non reversible pair to make it through the summer months... pants that are just too thin to make it through a New York winter. At the end of the day, I felt the price was fair; these pants will last me for years, and I look and feel great in them!



Needless to say, the sales associate at Lululemon hit a home run for me. Since then, the Wunder Under Crop Reversible has often been my pant of choice whenever I do a photo shoot and in many of my videos due to their simple, but flattering look and versatility.

I truly enjoy fashion; but when it comes down to it, is it more important that a piece be flashy and dramatic, or that it fades into the background and showcases you through excellent design? For me, the latter wins every time, by a landslide.

They can absolutely handle hard workouts, and come out of the wash looking great and ready for action. They are expensive if you are not accustomed to buying a high end brand like this, but the value you get from having such an amazing pair of pants that will last you long-term justifies the cost. If you go through a lot of pants, like I do, buying enough for a “laundry-cycle” may not be in the budget, but a pair or two for yourself might be; you deserve it.

The best praise I can give these pants is that I went back and got another two pairs within a month.

If you choose to buy them like I did, wear them in good health, and stay


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