Savory Mushroom and Onion Gravy


This sauce is a delicious and low calorie alternative to regular gravy.


3⁄4PoundOnion, Sweet (Roughly Chopped)
4TablespoonLawry's Sesame Ginger Marinade
3 Shallots (Roughly Chopped)
5 Baby Bella Mushrooms (Roughly Chopped)
  Butter Flavored Cooking Spray


In a 12” saute pan, spray butter flavored cooking spray liberally, warm the pan over medium heat, and begin by cooking the onions and shallots. Once the onions start browning and becoming opaque, add the mushrooms and mix. Allow to cook until everything is browned, but not dry. Add enough water to create a ½” even layer before the vegetables start to burn, lowering the heat if you feel there is a risk of burning them. Stir well towards the bottom in order to get any caramelizing into the water.  Add Lawry’s marinade and additional water if needed. Cover and let simmer for 20 minutes on very low heat.

If you find the gravy is too runny for your taste, or you like it creamier, do the following. In a small container with a tight lid, add ¼ cup cold water first, then a leveled teaspoon of cornstarch. Tighten the lid and shake very well to avoid lumps, then add a little at a time to boiling gravy while stirring until desired thickness is reached.

If desired, you can puree the final product to make a true gravy.



This sauce is a delicious and low calorie alternative to regular gravy. The shallots adds a finesse to the flavor of the dish, so don't deny yourself those.

As plated in the picture, I served the Savory mushroom-onion gravy as the sauce for the Norwegian Meatcakes, with the Easy Baked Kabocha Squash and the finely shredded carrots with raisins as sides.