Slow Metabolism? I Thin(k) Not!

Everyone’s body changes.  Supermodels’ bodies change.  Moviestars’ bodies change. Your third grade teacher’s body changes.  Your body changes.  My body changes.  We all change.  The good news is that we can direct many of these changes, and these changes do not have to go in a negative direction.

If you think you’re metabolism is slow because you’re female - that’s not necessarily so.  If you think it’s because you’re getting older - yes, you can use that excuse - but if you lift weights and eat properly - that is not necessarily so.


Let me give you an example: The biggest Loser.  The whole concept itself aside, I believe 2-3 winners have been middle aged women, so being female and middle aged is no longer an excuse.

There are so many passe ways to condone not being in control of your body changes;  you think it’s because you’re getting older or its in your genes, and on it goes.  Don’t listen to these excuses - keep to your program, keep the focus, keep at it.

If you think about it, there really aren’t many limitations as to what your body will do for you.  I believe that your body, given the proper tools and time, can do tremendous things for you. 


So how can you make all these positive changes happen in YOUR life?  The first step is to change your thought pattern. This is make or break, and something that is a little bit different for everyone. I have written several blogs on how to help you with this, on a wide variety of topics:

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When your mindset is there, then it is important to make sure you are healthy - make sure there are no health-issues, such as no true glandular crutches to lean on. A thorough physical from a health professional is strongly advised, including pulmonary and respiratory checkups... the works.


After the physical, it is time to find out what type of activities you like - yes I say it in plural; you want several activities, so not to burn out mentally nor physically.  Schedule out when they happen; it is much easier to follow a set schedule in order to build new habits.

Now we move onward to your happy and satisfied dietary needs.  Let’s find a way of living that you can - well, live with.  If you are a person than needs to eat everything, but can portion-control, then that is the way for you.  If you need volume - then we find you low-calorie options so you may fill up.  If many mini-meals are for you, then that’s what will work, and so on.  The point is to make it work for you, and stick to it as long as it’s working for you!

If after a while it seems like what used to work for you is no longer working for you - don’t fret, don’t linger with it - move on and find what will work next, almost play with it - find joy in it - it’s just not worth stressing over.  You WILL find out what works; there are TONS of guide-lines out there.  Usually the teeniest tweak to your program is all it takes; a little more rest, laugh more, “green” up your diet, switch up your workouts.

As we change and morph, so does the rest of the world - as should our lives - and therefore our workout and dietary programs.  Find a way to have fun with it, make it work for you - and stay