The Best Home Cardio Machine

 With everything that goes on in your life, it can often be a challenge to get your cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis, let alone have the energy for it.  What if I told you there is something that could build a bridge between your hectic life and the cardio you are constantly postponing?  Read on and find out!

Ultimate Home Cardio vs Convenient Home Cardio

Let's face it. You usually do more once you're at the gym. You'll work a little harder and work out longer than if you were home. For some, the workout may not even happen at home; you're too tired, have too much to do, you never got the equipment in the first place because it took too much space, you were worried about the neighbors or maybe you had a physical setback that kept you from doing your usual workouts.

I have seen my fair share of expensive “clothes racks” out there as well; bouncy, shiny and new exercise equipment, promising this and that - and in the end taking up more space than needed, and adding a sense of guilt every time you pass them to boot.  Who needs that?
Granted, not all of these devices are necessarily bad, but they are not being used because they are either inconvenient or you need to be all gung-ho in order to use them.  Or, well  - OK - some are not so functional...and now they are simply nothing but pricey clothes racks.

I find the recumbent bike to be the go-to home cardio equipment for my clients.  Surprised? It's easy to lounge right into; you can literally stay on it and watch ALL your favorite evening TV while you easily and steadily burn calories away. it doesn’t take up as much room as most other cardio equipment, and when you use it, it most likely won’t make as much noise either.



A recumbent bike places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. Most recumbent riders choose this type of design for ergonomic reasons; the rider's weight is distributed comfortably over a larger area, supported by back and buttocks. On a traditional upright bike, the body weight rests entirely on a small portion of the sitting bones, the feet, and the hands.

Staying on social networks all day or night? Get on that bike and bring your laptop, or set your bike up side by side to the computer. Or maybe you’re tired at night after a long day and no time for cardio? Get on the bike and just let your legs go! You don’t necessarily have to add a lot of resistance, you can stay on the bike longer.  Keep the big picture in mind; many small workouts will add up.  Make it work for you! Then, make it up in your next workout!

Another great aspect about the recumbent bike is that you don't have to have extraordinarily high energy to get on this bike. Honestly - sometimes you may not be “feeling” cardio. We're simply not up for it. This bike you can almost always do on one level or another, bar none. On the flip side, when you want a hard workout, you can wrench up the load and go for it all the way on this bike as well.  You can do all kinds of intervals, the sky’s the limit.  I know of many professional body builders and fitness models that use this device when they are dieting down for a show.  It is really a fantastic cardio machine.  You can read, even close your eyes and meditate while you get into your workout on this bike!  What other cardio machine can you possibly do that on? This is actually the only cardio where it is OK to close your eyes - who knew?  Now of course...You know this is make sure you have proper posture, and that you are not hyper-extending your knees, and keeping your anterior pelvic tilt (don’t let your butt slide under you so you’re slouching, but sit tall). I prefer pushing the pedals from my heels, as I suggest you do as well.

The recumbent bike is also an excellent way to get back into the swing of things if you haven’t been working out in a while.  I also highly recommend it for many of my clients that has come to me with particular needs, such as obesity, a variety of knee issues, Degenerative Disc Disease and advanced age, just to mention a few. It’s good for so many people in so many ways - and so convenient. It is an all-around sound investment in your health.  This bike is fantastic because it relieves stress on joints; there is little to no impact on your knees, hips, and the almighty back. 

The recumbent bike will work the muscles of the front and back of your thighs, the calves and front of your shins, your hips and butt - and abs (angels singing muscle toning songs; ah-ah-ah-aaaaah)

Doesn't take up as much room as a tread mill or elliptical
Doesn't make as much notice as a treadmill
Many models don't need electricity
Deemed Extremely safe cardio for most age groups
Can usually be done when injuries prevents other types of cardiovascular exercise

Cons: may not burn as many calories  as other types of cardio, although if you add extra load you can definitely get close to it. On the other hand; you may stay on it much longer, which is great for fat burning.

Although comfort of the recumbent bike gives the illusion that it is a less intense workout, it still provides an effective way to build cardiovascular conditioning. The true intensity of your workout depends on how hard you work while cycling, and your efficiency at the pedaling movement. If you enjoy the feel of a recumbent cycle, then you are more likely to exercise regularly. (

Bottom line: Cardio gets done, even if you are too tired or busy to make it to the gym. Besides, you can use all the other machines when you are actually at the gym to change things up.



If you decide to invest in this machine and use it like I do - enjoy it, get toned with me and stay -