SummerABS Air planes & Choppers

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In these two exercises we will focus on your obliques, and doing so as a continuum from the scoop that you already established from the other SummerAbs videos

Here is a link to all my videos, look for SummerABS

Like all SummerABS exercises, the proper form is vastly more important than the number of reps. Remember that more is not better; Quality over quantity! Should you burn out before the allotted reps, stop, regroup, and do another set. If your abs feel fully engaged and you are executing the motion and the breathing well, that is what is important. Stand up between each set and see if you feel a “drawn-in, taller” sensation from deep inside. If so, you have found that SummerABS feeling.  If you absolutely need a number of repetitions to go for, start with ten total; right is one, left is one. Work your way up to twenty total for each exercise.

The emphasis is on working from the bottom of the muscle rather than the top, and you want to keep the focus on deepening the scoop into your abdominal cavity throughout any of these exercises.  When doing it this way, the whole muscle is always engaged; this makes all the difference and is the foundation of what I will teach you here with SummerABS.  The results speak for themselves; flatten that lower pouch and define your midriff.

In the video, we are demonstrating this exercise on a Bosu ball, but you may do it on a yoga mat, carpet, towel.  If doing this exercise without the Bosu ball, you may use a folded yoga mat, a large pillow, etc. you can position yourself on it as if it were the ball or Bosu (think lumbar pillow); it not will be the same, but it will still provide results.


Proper Posture, Technique and Tips

  • Take a seat on the Bosu with the ball side up, put your hands next to your sides, and move yourself so that your tailbone is by the first ring on the Bosu.  Make sure the Bosu is following the curve of your spine and you feel supported.
  • Keep your legs slightly wider than your hips,
  • Stretch your arms out to the sides so your torso and arms form a letter “T”
  • Start in a flat crunch position, scoop abs deep into spine. Keeping the body low and abs active/engaged at all times.
  • Start to exhale as you initiate in the lower abdomen at the very lowest point of your abs and make a scoop.
  • Keeping this position, swing up to the side and reach right hand out to your right side/corner with a slight lift - lengthen and linger for a second, then scoop abs even more in, and swing down into the ball through the center starting position then reach same way to the left.
  • Focus on continuously scooping and allowing your abs to concave throughout the movement
  • Relax your neck and upper shoulders
  • When doing the Choppers, put your hands on your hips and do shorter, faster motions for the swing-throughs.

To get back up from the ball when finished with a set, set your hands on the Bosu behind your butt, and lift yourself up into a sitting position on top of the Bosu.  Watch the video to get a very clear visual for this.



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