Medicine Ball M's

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This exercise packs a punch, even if you don’t use any weight!  In addition to the flatter, slimmer waistline SummerABS stands for, it will also focus on your stamina, and build it.  Proper and deep, focused breathing will be very helpful throughout this exercise.  Maintain a keen eye on the abdominal scoop, and we’re in business!  The SummerABS Stretch Back is a great precursor to the Medicine Ball M's.

Like all SummerABS exercises, the proper form is vastly more important than the number of reps. Remember that more is not better; Quality over quantity! Should you burn out before the allotted reps, stop, regroup, and do another set. If your abs feel fully engaged and you are executing the motion and the breathing well, that is what is important. Stand up between each set and see if you feel a “drawn-in, taller” sensation from deep inside. If so, you have found that SummerABS feeling.  In the beginning, start with three to four stretch-backs, then go into about five M’s (going forward and back is one M), then do ten James Bond-twists.  Try to repeat the set without rest.  Add on one to two more reps each time you do this exercise in your workout.

The emphasis is on working from the bottom of the muscle rather than the top, and you want to keep the focus on deepening the scoop into your abdominal cavity throughout any of these exercises.  When doing it this way, the whole muscle is always engaged; this makes all the difference and is the foundation of what I will teach you here with SummerABS.  The results speak for themselves; flatten that lower pouch and define your midriff.



In the video, we are demonstrating this exercise on a Bosu ball, but you may do it on a an exercise ball or a yoga mat, carpet, towel.
We are using a very light ball that is usually used for rhythmic sports gymnastics in the video, start light and work your way up to a heavier medicine ball.  You may also use a dumbbell if you do not have a ball, or any fitting household item will do the trick.




Proper Posture, Technique and Tips

  • Take a seat on the Bosu with the ball side up, put your hands next to your sides, and move yourself so that your tailbone is by the first ring on the Bosu.  Make sure the Bosu is following the curve of your spine and you feel supported.
  • Keep your legs slightly wider than your hips,
  • Hold the ball with your hands, reach your arms over your head and stretch all the way back so that you are curving over the Bosu.
  • Make sure to keep your arms straight and from your back, shoulders relaxed and down.
  • Start by initiating in the lower abdominals, then move your arms forward and once they are by your head; come up into a flat crunch position, scoop abs deep into spine. Keep your body low and abs active/engaged at all times.
  • Once you have gotten to that point, deepen into your abdominal cavity and try to move your ball forward a smidgen before coming back to your starting point.
  • Once you have done this part for set times, hold the position, and start to continuously making the letter “M” with your arms and the ball, going forward and backwards from outside your leg, between, then on the outside of the other leg.
  • Focus on Continuously scooping and allowing your abs to concave throughout the movement.
  • Relax your neck and upper shoulders.
  • Once you have done this part for set times, hold the position, anchor your legs and do James Bond-twists, keeping your nose straight forward.
  • Once you have done the James Bond-twists for set times, stop in the center, and reach your arms over your head and stretch all the way back to the starting position.
  • Start the whole set over without rest.
  • If you find yourself still using your arms and/or shoulders, lighten the amount of load you are using for now.

To get back up from the ball when finished with a set, set your hand on the Bosu behind your butt, and lift yourself up into a sitting position on top of the Bosu.  Watch the video to get a very clear visual for this.


Summer: Juicy Couture
Meegan Deschenaux: H&M