Tutorial: KettleBelly Drag & Flip

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This is the KettleBelly Drag & Flip, and this exercise, with all its variations, is designed to strengthen the core and forearms along with building shoulder girdle stabilization.

Ideally, a set is 20 repetitions (Right is one repetition, Left is one repetition), but start from where you are and work your way up to this (look below at the "make it work for you" section for tips and advice).

Remember to breathe, and have fun!

In this video, we will be using a Kettlebell, a dumbell, and a yoga mat. If you are just beginning to work out, I would recommend a lighter kettlebell or dumbell, such as 4-10 pounds. As for the yoga mat, the Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mats at Amazon.com are an excellent choice. Also, you can do this exercise without any equipment at all, as shown in the video, and still achieve great results.

Proper Technique, Posture and Tips
• On your forearms, feet are two times your hip width apart.
• Wider leg stance is easier, while a narrow leg stance is harder. Always maintain soft knees!
• Shift your body weight forward onto your full forearms, pressing your fists into the floor.
• Lift up and and out of your shoulders, so that no pressure is present in your neck, traps or shoulders.
• Keep your eyes directly over your thumbs.
• Anterior pelvic tilt (stick your tush to the ceiling), and then pull your abs in without lifting the rest of your body upward.

It is important to drag the weight the full length of the exercise: do not lift it off of the floor at any time.

The challenge of the exercise is to keep your hips as still as possible, and no shifting or tilting side to side.

This will produce optimal results.


Make It Work for You
If you find yourself having difficulty with this exercise, start out with trying to get just one good repition of the exercise, resting on your knees for a second, then getting back into position for another rep, trying this time for two in a row. Maintaining the form and posture mentioned above is more important than anything. Quality over quantity: over time, you will build up the quantity of reps if you focus on the quality of your form now.

Consider doing multiple sets of low reps if you are unable to do a long single set. you still get all the repitions in if you think of the "big picture."

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Enjoy your new abs, and write about your successes in the comments below.