MPG Sport Elle #LT49 Bra

The MPG Sport Elle Bra is a beautiful, gradient-colored bra that I have been looking at for some time. I originally wanted it in Bright Coral, but one day while I was picking up several outfits for a few fitness videos and a photo shoot I was doing - I saw it in Turquoise, and picked it up.  I decided to use it in my “Butt Lifting Alternating Lunges” video, amongst others. Was this bra worth me picking up? Read on and see for yourself.



This top is beautiful. It comes in two colors - Bright Coral and Turquoise. Both colors are absolutely lovely, vibrant and seems to flatter most skin tones. The Turqouise has a little more green tint than the picture online shows in person, the Bright Coral has a little more peach/orange tint in person. It’s uniqueness is the beautiful gradient colors. Without a doubt, it’s visual appeal is the strongest part of this piece, in either color.



The first time I ever used this was at a video shoot; when I put it on, the seams ripped. However, it did not fall apart, I have taken it on and off a couple of times since then without further damage, and it did not lose any of the visual appeal or wearability discussed elsewhere in the this review.

These seams have seen better days

The fabric itself is good enough, but it would be great if the stitching was done with better threads; this would make for a piece that would last for a decade instead of maybe a year.  Compared to other brands like Avia, Lululemon and Shock Absorber, it does not measure up, but is closer to an irregular or Chinatown “Nike”.

After putting it on a couple of times for the video shoots, I washed it on delicate as per the instructions on the tag. They also say on the tag that you can Tumble Dry this piece on low, but I am personally against running any of my workout clothes through the dryer, so I chose to hang it and let it air dry. This was a very good move, as even the delicate cycle of the wash further degraded the seams of this piece.

The fabric looks fantastic, but at this rate I will end up with a bunch of fabric swatches after a month of moderate use.



Since it is not very flexible, the top can be a little tricky to put on at first, but once it’s on, it stays put; no fidgeting, no adjusting. I went through a few exercises in a recent shoot while wearing this top, and it was very comfortable, light on the body - but the “girls” are still held in place. This top is not super-wicking, but then again, it’s also a very small top....It’s still comfortable enough, and still breathes.



This top is a great choice for lifting weights, short cardio sessions and most classes (zumba, sculpt, abs, yoga, pilates, stretch etc.) Where this would not be the best choice would be distance running and other long cardio sessions like spinning, because of the high polyester content, and the potential for chafing - ouch.



For a top of this quality, the 35 dollars price tag seems a little high. I feel like at 20 dollars, they may have had a hit on their hands. Let’s face it, It’s a beautiful piece made with cheap threads.



Overall I think the top is attractive and runs true to size. Be sure to be gentle putting it on the first few times, as the seams have the tendency to rip. The decision you will have to make is if paying the price tag for this is acceptable, knowing that the threading may break and force you to buy another one. I’ll most likely get the other one in Bright Coral; it’s REALLY cute, and that wins it for least this time. Also, I have the advantage of using it for a video or photo shoot only, knowing that it won’t last, and still getting value out of it just for that one day; this is not a usual situation for most, so take that into consideration. This is NOT a piece for everyday use; it cannot take the abuse. It is flattering on, and stays in place, though. If you choose to buy it like I did, wear it in good health, and stay