Identify Your Triggers: Dealing With Your Past

If I’m binging; what’s on my mind; what am I “stuffing down”?

When dealing with food addiction, one of the most important skills you can develop is to recognize your “triggers.” A trigger (an event, person, place, thought or thing), while not being the addiction itself, is the mechanism through which one can fall into a spiral of binging and other food related actions.

They may feel impossible to fully avoid. But by learning to recognize your personal triggers, unveiling and unraveling your triggers and understanding why they are what they are to you, you will slowly take their power over you away.


Some triggers will hold on longer than others; they will refuse to die easily. But the difficulty of the challenge should not sway you; confronting your triggers, when aided by a professional if needed, may drastically improve your mental fitness, your physical fitness... your overall well-being! Wouldn’t be nice to be happy, and free from the worry these triggers can cause?

Today, we are going to discuss unresolved issues from our pasts, and the challenges we face from events that are difficult to leave behind.



So, unresolved issues from one’s past.  Whether we want to or not; these have to be dealt with, which is challenging enough.  It seems totally unfair, since often initially you were a victim, it was not your fault - and yet - here you are, left with the “ clean-up”.  The ripples of these events from your past can reveal themselves at the most inconvenient of times; it could be something someone says or does who had nothing to do with the trauma, or a song you hear, or even a movie scene! Literally anything can bring this one up. Even more, some aren’t even aware that they have been triggered by this until much later, or even what the underlying cause was for their later actions. When triggered, many emotionally find themselves, unbeknownst to them, right back at the event from their past, and will try anything to make the emotional duress go away, including binging. I get it; it is scarier than anything else I can imagine.  It sucks.  It really, really sucks.



But, if you can get to the point when you are no longer afraid of it coming up, you have come FAR, my friend! You are an adult now, and you have the power to change what does no longer work for you.  You also have the tools, and a support system around you (I will go through how to identify and build a solid support system in a later blog).

By seeing the silver-lining and working your way out of it all, you will be a better, more successful, more at peace, happier human being - and I believe that is worth it.  I’m not trying to be Polly Anna-ish here - think of it this way; If you do not deal with it; you may keep on down the path of self-destruction, and that usually just keeps escalating.



As you work on coming to a resolution on the difficulties from your past, I cannot stress enough just how important it is that you take care of yourself physically as well, through eating healthful foods and maintaining a consistent workout routine. This will help you stay balanced on so many levels, in many ways.

When it comes to unresolved issues from your past, especially ones in which you were wronged by someone, one of the most powerful tools is coming to realize that they no longer have power or control over your life. It can be very hard to come to this realization, but it is worth the challenge. Releasing their control over you may very well disarm the trigger. I understand it’s easier said than done, but if you are able to warm up to the thought and keep at it every day in every way, warmly towards yourself, you will prevail. 



I have great faith in you, Summer-Fitters!