Tutorial: Tubing Rear Delt Flys

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The Tubing Rear Delt Flys, a part of The Little Black Dress Workout, is a great exercise to do if you want a bangin’ upper body. It works similar muscles to the Standing Stroop Pull, but there is enough difference in the motion to get even more muscles engaged, and will really help define your delts and upper back along with the triceps.

Much like the Standing Stroop Pull, this exercise is about cosmetics, not size. And just like that last exercise, we will be doing many repetitions. 15-25 full reps, and twice as many pulses. Personally, I go by feel and not by math; if you count the reps in the video, I am sure the number you get will be rather funky. The only time I ever count is if I am doing right and left sides (need to maintain that symmetry!) Adjust your weights accordingly so that you can reach the goal of hitting this many reps. The way you adjust is by stepping closer or further away from the wall. In this case, small increments will help you rather than hinder you. For those of you looking to build up, rather than going heavy right away, go for a burnout with a medium resistance band, then follow it up with a rhombus set, and conclude with a drop set. Keep in mind, your body will not change if the weights are too light. If you realize that at 50 reps you find yourself thinking about what you had for lunch and what to order tomorrow, it will benefit you to add a little resistance.


Again, you can use either Stroops, exercise tubing or Thera-Bands, looped through a Fit Strap. If you have a secure fixture or loop at a height around the bottom of your shoulder blades that you can put your Stroops or tubing through, you can use that as well. What is most important is that you do not want the height of the Stroops or tubing to slide around as you are pulling on it. I will be using exercise tubing, and will be referring to tubing throughout the exercise.  This exercise needs to be done with resistance bands like the kinds listed above; any will do. The Peck Deck / Rear Delt machine, though it works the same muscles, it will not give the same effect. Note: this is a great exercise to super set with the Peck Deck / Rear Delt machine.



Proper Technique, Posture and Tips

  • Have where your tubing attach be at the height of the bottom of the scapula/shoulder blades.
  • Hold your tubing at the handles, palms facing each other, fingers curled around the handles.
  • Keep your feet hip width apart, and with soft knees.
  • Drop and relax your shoulders and upper traps before each repetition, keeping a long, relaxed line from the tip of your earlobe to the tip of your shoulder. Keep a long neck.
  • Think of the kinetic energy of the exercise coming outward through your knuckles and fingers; think of moving your arms “out and back,” circling the room around you, while keeping the shoulder blades in their sockets.
  • Keep your abs in and lift your upper sternum slightly. Think of "opening" your chest as you pull your arms “out and back” as in the video tutorial.
  • Maintain straight arms with soft elbows throughout the motion; do not hyper extend them. Think of your hands being slightly abovethe elbows.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together slightly at the very bottom of the blades, towards the spine.
  • When pulsing, be sure to drop your shoulders first and maintain through every repetition. Focus on elongating your arms and hands outward, then pull your “veranda” down toward your waist while keeping a relaxed neck. This motion is one pulse.
  • Hold the last pulse for a few seconds before ending the set.
The way you think about this exercise will absolutely improve your results.


Top: Nordstrom Rack, Black
Pants: Lululemon Wunder Under Crop Reversible, Black/Navy


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