Can Fit and Busy Go Hand in Hand?

Success in and on any level with any form of fitness program will essentially depend on if you were able to do it or not.  I am not speaking sheer willpower, but if you were able to take the time and keep the necessary focus needed to stay with your program. Although intense programs such as “the Biggest Loser” may be inspirational to some, we can’t all stay secluded on a ranch for weeks at a time with a battery of professionals. A focused diet and an in-depth training program is usually trickier for most to juggle in “real life”. 

How do you fit a workout program into a busy and potentially inconsistent schedule?

As always, I say “make it work for you”. I say that the best time of day to work out is when you can make it happen consistently. Make it convenient for yourself to get to the gym, a gym near your home or job; get yourself a locker where you may keep your sneakers (in a plastic bag to prevent everything in your locker from smelling - you can also get little deodorizing balls to put into your shoes, or just keep them in your locker if you like) and toiletries along with clean socks and undies (in a plastic bag to keep them from picking up any scents).  If you can, have alternate mini-workouts you can do at home, in case you are unable to get away; run stairs, do calisthenics, ab-routines, etc. These are useful for traveling as well.  Home workouts are great in that you do not have to bend to the gym’s schedule, or have to worry about the travel time. So if you are able to invest in a piece of equipment  that is small enough that you don't have to move, open/fold, put together/take apart, you get my drift... then that is something to strongly consider. Make it something you can jump on and get a few minutes in, or a good old kick-ass workout on. I also keep some exercise tubing at home - they provide for excellent resistance workouts, and are easily tucked away in a drawer or hung up in a closet for easy access for your next workout.

Personally, I would love to have had a treadmill in my apartment, space did not allow for it; I actually chose furniture over a treadmill - who would have thunk it!!!

So I went with my second option; a spin bike.  I love it.  I have it placed so that I can choose to watch TV, listen to music, or just get lost in the ride itself.  Want to spin at 2am? No problem!  It’s super-quiet and I get my cardio in no matter what.

I also enjoy my beloved TRX, which I can use anywhere and it tones me up completely!

TRX: Make Your Body Your Machine

On the other hand, if motivation to working out at home will not do it for you, don’t sweat it (pun intended). Think about what sorts of activities you like and find something that is enjoyable for you on one level or another... even if you inherently hate exercise (I said activity), and stick with that activity if it works for you.  There really are only guidelines, so find what works for you - kiss a few frogs, so to speak, and if it’s not for you, move on until you find your prince or princess.

Find a way to have fun with it!