Norwegian Fishcakes


Solveig, my grandmother, made these fishcakes, and they are low cal and deliciously simple - chilled or warm!


14Ouncefish fillet (cod, haddock, pollock)
1 1⁄2TeaspoonSalt (or NoSalt)
1TablespoonPotato Starch
1⁄2TeaspoonPepper (white or pink (black pepper if you don't have either)
3 1⁄2OunceMilk
1Tablespoonchives (finely chopped)


Grind the fish fillets once alone, then with the rest of the ingredients through a grinder, or everything in a food processor together. 
Form six 3-ounce cakes and pan fry until golden in butter or butter flavored cooking spray. Afterward, let pull through in ½ inch of warm water. You can of course adjust the cakes's sizes to your preference.

I altered the recipe for American measurements, here is the original:

400 grams of fish fillet (cod, pollack, haddock)
1 ½ tsp salt
½ tsp white or pink pepper
1 tbsp potato starch
1 dl milk
1 tbsp finely chopped/diced chives


Suggested uses:

White gravy with baby shrimp

Serve over squash with carrot-raisin salad

Serve over rice pilaf.

Add warm or chilled cubed Fishcakes to Summer’s base salad,

Use in a sandwich, in a wrap, warm or chilled

Delicious with most mustards.