The Inner Weigh

I’m insatiable when it comes to researching, learning and further educating myself for my profession.  I’m always listening, watching, reading, sniffing and scratching at several things in all areas that pertain to my field of work; training, diet, rehabilitation, the psyche. I’ve always looked at my clients, myself as a whole package kind of thing, where everything matters, so therefore I’m interested in it!

I often listen to audio books or podcasts when I walk Daisy, my chihuahua.  It is somewhat of a meditative time for us; she sniffs and inspects every inch along the way, I follow her with slow steps, stop, another two steps, stop, and allow the audio to engulf me, save me from any outside interruption.  It’s a double-whammy of goodness; watching Daisy so happy, and listening to good-for-your-soul audibles.

So there I was, listening to the only podcast I follow, Renee Stephens’s Inside Out Weight Loss (IOWL) , and in this particular episode she was interviewing David Smiley. They spoke about his own personal story a fair amount, but the main focus of the interview was his movie, The Inner Weigh.  It sparked my interest, and as soon as we came back from the walk, I ordered the film.

It arrived after a few days, and I popped it into my DVD player and began watching. Even though this movie is about weight loss, you will notice how it really does pertain to all areas of your life.

Dr. Dave Smiley, a correctional psychologist, was a person who was unhappy with his life, his weight and his attitude towards these things. He, like many others, watched a film by the name of “The Secret,” and experienced an epiphany. This epiphany led to him retiring early from his old job, studying the principals and spiritual messages of the film with people from around the world, and came upon his own path,  which is the core of this film. He “released” 55 pounds, was a happier person, and specifically put this documentary together to help people everywhere end their struggle with weight loss permanently.


The Movie
This film is about the spiritual side of weight loss; hence the Inner Weigh. Dr. Dave Smiley, along with a vast panel of experts across many disciplines, grabbed my attention for the 80 minute run time and didn’t let go. A big part as to why it is so engrossing is the impressive production values. Unlike many other movies with similar themes but horrible lighting and poor camera work, this looked like a very high-end production; he had the best of the best working on this project. From the quality lighting to the excellent audio, and the general flow of the editing... this film was obviously made with care towards the material by all who were involved.


The Message
The Inner Weigh delivers an incredibly positive and spiritual message. It helps you see how to change the way you think about yourself. Dr. Dave suggests that the subconscious mind is controlled by your self-image, and to focus on “fit,” not “fat.” As you know from my earlier writings, all I can say to this philosophy is “Amen!”

It helps you to focus on mind over matter and talks about how the body is an instrument of the mind. While I do not know if this message is 100% applicable to all things, it is an amazingly positive way to view the mind/body connection and I have seen amazing results from adhering to this mindset.

It reminds you to appreciate your body and love yourself as you are, no matter where you are or what you look like or weigh. Like yourself as you are; this will open you up for the change you desire. This movie is built not only as support, but also as hope and guidance.  It tells you that there is a way for you to reach your goals, and offers general ideas, suggestions and thought-patterns to assist. However, very few specific tools exist in the film; the reason being that we are all so individual with very individual needs that there is no true “one size fits all” method to apply these amazing ideas. This is where professionals come into the picture; therapists, coaches, nutritionists, trainers, your spiritual advisers and whomever else is there in your support system (as always, be sure to check the credentials of anyone you choose to work with; make sure they are positive people who are in line with philosophies you care about).

I think this film is highly inspirational. While I was familiar with much of what was in the film, it really is an eye-opener. Remember that when the film is over, there is still work to be done.  The difference being that after learning this truth, you will be much happier, and will do what must be done with more self-love, less self-hatred.


The Teachers
The panel who participated in this film are a multidisciplinary group of experts from the fields of nutrition, weight loss, spirituality, and the mind. Renée Stevens (the same as from my earlier mentioned podcast), Dr. Gay Hendricks, and many more offer their insights into this philosophy, and do so in a frank, “levels with you” fashion that helps make you feel that you are not alone. It’s honestly very comforting; even more so when you realize that many of these people used to be over-weight themselves.

Even Bob Proctor, a primary contributor to “The Secret,” participates in this film as well, which had to be amazingly validating to Dr. Dave, and shows how important this movie is to people who believe in this philosophy, and to those who need it in their lives. They are all very passionate about this, they truly believe in it, they have walked the walk, and it’s wonderful how they so lovingly want to help you, and show you the way.



It has taken me decades to gather and learn the information that this film packs into 80 minutes.  It doesn’t just leave you hanging with this information either; it sends you off with a whole panel of other experts, who all have further material for you to study if you like... something that always speaks to me. Another great thing about this movie is that you can apply the message to other areas of your life as well; this is honestly awesome.  It is a feel-good, self-help love-fest -  and I like it.  I’m all about it.  Who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves, deep down?  This is not to be confused with arrogance, self-entitlement, nor narcissism; it’s about unconditional self-love.

This is not a movie you should watch only once; the information within it can take many times to be truly absorbed. If you don’t have time to watch it, just leaving it on in the background while you work around the house, or running on your iPod while you work out or walk will still offer a great deal of benefit to you.

As an aside, If you order it from the web site you get many of the film’s participants’ materials as an added bonus.  This, I feel, will set you up for continued success.

In my opinion, if you have any food issues - go and get this movie. Now.

If you choose to buy it like I did, watch it and practice it happily in good health,  - and stay


If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.  ~Toni Morrison’