Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Star Printed Banded Halter Top

I was searching through my closets for an exciting, exotic looking top for one of my video shoots, just in case I needed an extra one. Looking for something fun, I decided to look through my bikinis (I have quite a few of them) to see if anything jumped out at me. I have owned this bikini for a couple of summers, and realized that the fun starry pattern and sea-foam green color could look great on camera, so I gave it a shot. Did this star-spangled halter-top work out as planned? Read on and see for yourself.



The Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy® Star Printed Banded Halter Top has either gold or silver stars emblazoned on either a black, white or sea-foam green fabric. The top is held together in the front with metallic hardware in either gold or silver, and in the back with a matching colored metallic hook.

This piece is skimpy, for sure... but it is very hot. Sexy, even. If you live in the right part of the world you could wear this on the beach, clubbing... wherever. It is not elegant, but it is very fun.

The bottoms, which can be purchased at the Victoria’s Secret website as well, are just as hot as the top... but may not be the best fashion for a workout. Match this top with any pair of capris or shorts (like I did in my Scorpion Push Ups Video), and you will compliment this top in a good fashion.


While obviously not the reason it was made, this bikini is surprisingly quite durable if used as a workout top.  If you are using it for its intended purpose (as I also have - it is very cute),  it will eventually show some wear and tear like any piece of clothing will that is exposed to a combination of the sun, sea water and chlorine.  It doesn’t get completely ruined in a season, but it does begin to show the tiniest signs of wear.  You will get a few seasons out of it, though. And if you have a few different suits and rotate them like I do, you will be able to enjoy this bikini for many years.

I care for this top like I would any other top I work out in; if I get overly sweaty in it, or it is exposed to chlorine or salt water, I am sure to get it off quickly when I am done with it and rinse it thoroughly in cold, clean water and hang dry. Later, I wash with regular instructions. And with this level of care, I have maintained one of these bikini tops for about three years.


Using this as a workout top may be a little bit revealing, but for small and mid-size busts, it will stay put... with some caveats.  Make sure the knot at your neck is secured - double tie it; the smooth material of the top will not hold with just a single knot, especially if you are in motion. If you were lying on the beach and getting a tan, it would stay in place just fine... but if you were jumping around in the pool or working out at the gym, the single knot will untie itself. Make sure that the top is worn snug; the fabric on the back strap simply slips over the metallic hook on the other side, and there is no clasp or closing mechanism whatsoever. Knock on wood, I have evaded the situation, but it is something you should be aware of when deciding if you want to use this as a workout top.

Even though I have mentioned a couple of possible issues with the wear-ability of the top, for me it sat just fine, and I had no problems whatsoever.

It is not wicking at all, so it will not be good for any activity that may cause chafing. However, due to the smaller amount of fabric involved with this top, it doesn’t really have to be super-wicking for most activities. We're not running in this top, after all.

As for the bottoms, they will stay in place pretty well, with only a little adjusting along the way at most. The bikini as a whole is absolutely gorgeous, and is very wearable for everything it was intended for and more.


Obviously, because I am using a swimsuit as a workout top, this piece has some versatility. The very fact that you can wear it another place than to the beach gives it an extra point, as far as I’m concerned.  So from a day at the beach, to the weight room, or even a party at the Playboy mansion, this will have you covered on a hot summer day.

Where the points fall off is in the very minimal amount of support that it offers. It’s not expected (it is a bathing suit after all), but you need to know that if jumping or running is in your workout plans for the day, you should consider another top. It is great for other, non-bouncy workouts like lifting - and of course - Scorpion Push-Ups.


This top is a steal; it has been on sale on the Victoria’s Secret website for a long time; it costs $19, and I think that it is well worth it. If you chose to buy the whole bikini, you’ll have to buy the Beach Sexy® Star Print Low-rise Bottom separately, and since the bottom is currently priced at $10, I’m not complaining too much about it. If you are still reading this and have not already gone to the website to buy the top, I’ll go ahead and give you a link right here. Remember, Victoria’s Secret often have coupons and promotions out on the Internet; be sure to do a search for them on Google before buying.


I have this bikini in all three colors; enough said. I love it not just as a swimsuit, but also as the workout top that I have used on my most popular YouTube video to date. Remember to take good care of it, make sure it is well fastened, and you will look fabulous in it.

If you choose to wear it like I do, wear it in good health, and stay