Tutorial: Butt Lifting Alternating Lunges

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The Butt Lifting Alternating Lunges Exercise is designed to tone your glutes and legs, and gives your butt a nice, lifted look. It also greatly assists in strengthening your core, balance and coordination. As an added bonus, your upper body also gets a little action.

Ideally, a set is 20 repetitions (Right is one repetition, Left is one repetition), but start from where you are and work your way up to this (look below at the "make it work for you" section for tips and advice).

Remember to exhale every time you initiate standing back up, and most importantly, have fun!

In this video, we will be using two nine pound dumbbells (yes, I totally picked them based on their color). In my personal workouts, I start at ten pounds, and go up from there. If you are just beginning to work out, I would recommend a lighter dumbbell, such as 4-6 pounds. If you do not have access to dumbbells, you can use kettlebells, yoga blocks, small weight plates... even household items like milk jugs and paint cans work! Just staying with the form and technique, and adding some extra resistance is all you need to achieve great results.

Proper Technique, Posture and Tips

  • Start with your feet hip width apart.
  • Straight arms with soft elbows along sides, holding your weights. Make sure not to lock your elbows!
  • Squeeze your triceps towards the "veranda" (bottom edge of the outer part of the shoulder blade).
  • Abs in and upward with sternum lifted towards where the ceiling and wall meet.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together slightly at the very bottom of the blades, towards the spine.
  • Make sure the knee on your front leg does NOT go in front of your toes.

Set the leg you are putting behind you slightly to the side and far away from your body by taking a BIG step back. This will help with your balance. Also, each time you return to the standing position, be sure to push into the front heel while simultaneously squeezing the glute of the same leg. The ensure that you are putting your weight into the heel, try lifting your toes up inside your shoes while performing this motion.

This will produce optimal results.

Make It Work for You
If you find yourself unable to reach the floor without hunching over, or feeling pressure in your lower back even when you are pulling your abs in, consider holding the dumbbells lengthwise (by grabbing the bulb of one end), giving you more length and making the distance to the floor slightly shorter. Also, consider lighter weights if what you are using is proving too challenging at this moment; you can always up the weights once you get comfortable and start seeing results. If you are feeling too unsteady, step further out to the side (away from your body center) with your back leg. Always make sure your arms are not swinging.

As usual, consider doing multiple sets of low reps if you are unable to do a long single set. You still get all the repetitions in if you think of the "big picture."

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Tell me how many reps and sets you were able to accomplish and write about your successes in the comments below.